The Venue?  Hekimbaşı Salih Efendi Yalısı – Hekimbasi Yalisi

Hekimbasi Yalisi is a Yali(waterside mansion- usually made from wood, and popular during the Ottoman times) built in the XIXth century, along the beautiful Bosphorus Sea.  It is characteristically painted bright red, and lies on the Asian side of Istanbul, south of the Fatih Bridge.  Don’t be surprised if you see this great red mansion on that postcard you pick up from the Grand Baazar,  as  it’s one of the most popular photo opts from the Istanbul Strait (Bosphorus Strait.)  A grand physician of the Ottoman Empire called Salih Efendi built and owned the beautiful property.  He had a passion for gardening and made sure to fill this large garden with blooming flowers (which they still are today!) It really is a beautiful garden by the sea.

Address: Körfez cd. no:53 Anadolu Hisarı-Beykoz-İstanbul

Map Link:

Event Time: 6pm

Bus to boat leaves from Galata Rooms at 4pm.  The boat will leave from Kabatas Pier 5pm sharp from. Look for a sign with our names on it.

Afterparty? YES!




Since we only have until the stroke of midnight to dance our socks off, we will be moving the party to another seaside nightclub. 



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