We weren’t planning to have a registry at first (as we are still quite mobile & unsure where in the world we may settle down!) but since so many people have been asking us….

Please know that we are just happy that you will be able to join us on our special day and understand that many of you are going to a great deal of trouble (not to mention expense!) to be with us in Istanbul.

If you are still inclined to give us a gift, please find the below link to our wedding registry:)



Some of you are undoubtedly curious as to what is the local custom of gift giving. In Turkey, gold and jewelry are commonly given as wedding gifts. The gold is usually in the form of gold coins. Coins vary in value according to size and are actually purchased as quarters, halves or wholes. These coins can be purchased from any jewelry store although there are very, very small shops that just sell these. Traditionally the coins were pinned onto the bride’s dress (if jewelry was purchased the bride would have to put it on so you could see brides with an armful of bangles!) but these days they are generally placed in a small bag carried by one of the bride’s attendants. Small tags are often attached to the coins listing the names of the givers. The coins are saved for a rainy day, exchanged for other jewelry or converted into cash for the newlyweds to use to start their life together.

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