Henna Night is a new experience for the bride as well, but I would love all my female friends and family to join in this Turkish tradition.

In Turkey, the Henna Night or rather ‘Kina Gecesi’, pronounced (Kuh Nah Ge Je See), is a very beautiful & traditional experience that we will take part in. For Turkish people it normally takes place the night before the wedding. Basically, and just as any American bachelorette party, close friends and family will gather to eat, drink, and dance:)(just not at a club, at the groom’s mother’s home!)

The bride and friends can choose whether or not to have Henna dye put in their hands. The stain of the dye is meant to show everyone afterwards that there is a new bride or that someone has recently been to a close friend’s or family’s wedding. The dye stays on the hand for about a week and can sometimes last longer depending on skin type. In old times there was a song that use to be sung called the ‘Yuksek Tepelere’ which marks the bride leaving the family home to embark on a new life…

When the party is well under way, someone goes to the groom’s house to invite the groom and his friends for a short visit.  The men each bring a present for the bride, which the bride’s mother collects in a cooking pot.  The bride’s face is covered because the groom is forbidden to see her on this night.  The bride and groom are permitted to have one short dance together.

When: July 4, 2013

Time: 19:00 (A bus will pick up guests from Galata Rooms at 18:00)

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Where: Levent Tenis Klubu Dernegi, Akasyali sokak No:3, 4. LEVENT.

Map Link: http://goo.gl/maps/HmGdQ

Notes: All guys will be picked up at same time, but hanging out at the Unsal Family home for an hour before arriving at the event.

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